About Us

FEMOND is an Armenian clothing brand founded in 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia.

The brand is characterized by feminine silhouettes, fresh shades, and classic and essential pieces enriched with unique details perfectly integrated into everyday and occasional outfits. 

Collections embody various aspects of modern femininity and uncover the sophistication of female nature.

Contemporary, feminine, refined: FEMOND garments enable the brand to maintain an image of exclusivity and create a multifunctional wardrobe with an elegant touch.

We aim to provide an elegant, sensual, bold, and comfortable experience by representing functional and high-quality pieces at affordable prices for the target consumer.

Each team member has a unique set of skills and pays great attention to creating exceptional items.

Production headquarter is located in the capital - Yerevan. Excellent quality is attained due to careful guidance of the production process.

The craftsmanship of the tailors, the choice of natural materials, and the care taken at every stage of production reveal the FEMOND tradition of quality and excellence. Learn more about us on TrustPilot.

Woman confidently wearing a stylish and elegant suit, portraying competence and sophistication.